This Morning viewers slam 'selfish' mum after claiming she's happier since her sons left home

23 August 2019, 10:55

The mum-of-two angrily stated that she didn't care if her two sons came back home for Christmas or not.

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Parents across the nation have blasted a mum who admitted on yesterday's This Morning that she feels happier now that her sons have left home.

Author Liz Hodkinson appeared as a guest on the ITV show alongside TV personality Vanessa Feltz to debate a brand new study which claims children only make their parents happy when they've left home.

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Liz argued that the study was true as she is glad her two sons have flown the nest
Liz argued that the study was true as she is glad her two sons have flown the nest. Picture: ITV

74-year-old Liz, who's a former journalist and lecturer admitted that she was "delighted" when her two sons left home and added that she hadn't seem them since Christmas.

She said: “I was absolutely delighted when they left. They were so big and answering back and we were getting on each other’s nerves.

“It was just time for us to each live our individual lives.

“I have to say that we do have a fantastic relationship with my now middle-age sons but there’s no emotional blackmail, there’s no clinging on, I don’t even give them a second thought.”

Liz was joined by Vanessa Feltz
Liz was joined by Vanessa Feltz. Picture: ITV

Liz continued: "I didn’t want these 6ft giants in the same house anymore“We get on very well but we don’t exert any emotional pull on each other.

"I’m not one of those parents who says ‘I shall be so upset if you don’t come for Christmas’ for instance.”

Vanessa, 57, didn't agree with Liz and argued that she wishes she could find a home big enough for her two daughters Saskia, 30, and Allegara, 33, to live.

Viewers of the TV segment were enraged by Liz's comments, with many taking to Twitter to air their opinions.

Many agreed with Vanessa, saying: "I’m with Vanessa!! I dred the day my sons move out [sic]."

Another added: "Hate the thought of my grown kids all moving out So glad two of them are still here (one came back) as I love us all together, and they are 32 and 28!

"And I miss my married daughter who's 36 constantly. Would love to have a huge house and all live together [sic]"