What is the next phase of lockdown in the UK and when does it come into force?

28 May 2020, 17:53 | Updated: 28 May 2020, 18:04

Boris Johnson announced new lockdown easing
Boris Johnson announced new lockdown easing. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

What are the lockdown rules in the UK now? And how has lockdown been eased? Here's what Boris Johnson has said...

After the country spent another long weekend in lockdown, Boris Johnson has now moved towards the next ‘phase’ of easing restrictions.

Currently, the country is in the first stage of leaving lockdown following a review earlier this month.

But now the Prime Minister has announced the country is on track to ease restrictions once again on Monday. So what is the next stage and what will this look like?

Boris Johnson addressed the nation on May 28th
Boris Johnson addressed the nation on May 28th. Picture: PA Images

What is phase two of lockdown in the UK?

Phase two will begin from Monday June 1 and will see friends and family able to meet in groups of six, the reopening of schools for some students in England, as well as some non essential retailers.

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The main changes announced include:

Schools will begin to reopen

From 1 June, schools will begin to reopen for more children in early years settings.

This means kids in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be phased back into school in smaller sizes. On June 15, secondary schools will begin to provide some "face to face contact time" for years 10 and 11.

Boris Johnson said: "Closing schools has deprived children of their eduction, and we know disadvantaged children hardest hit so we want to put this right as of Monday."

Social distancing rules

As of Monday, people in England will be allowed to meet in groups of up to six.

This means six people from different households will be able to meet outside, provided they observe the two metre social distancing rules.

As well as this, friends and family will also be permitted into each others gardens, as well as parks and other outdoor areas.

Mr Johnson said: "These changes mean friends and family can start to meet their loved ones which will likely be a long awaited and joyful moment.

He continued: "But to control the virus everyone needs to stay alert and strictly stay 2 metres apart from those you do not live with."

The PM also advised people not to meet groups of six from other households in quick succession, in order to limit the risk of transmission.

He added that the public are still not permitted to go into each other's homes, unless to get to the garden.

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Non-essential shops can open

Retail stores will be able to open as of June 15th if they adhere to the Government’s strict social distancing guidelines.

This includes the likes of clothing stores and other high street shops, however, bars, restaurants and hairdressers won’t open for some time yet.

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland will release their own plans to get out of lockdown.

This comes as lockdown measures are now slowly easing across the UK, with Boris Johnson unveiling the government’s three-phase plan on 10 May.

The 'road map for reopening society' is a 51-page dossier that sets out a three-phase strategy for gradually lifting the current restrictions.

The last review, which took place on May 7, saw Mr Johnson make some changes to the rules.

During this review, the PM urged people to work from home for the "foreseeable future", but said those who cannot do so are allowed to travel to work if their workplaces are open.

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