Nicola Sturgeon unveils Scotland’s new five tier lockdown system

23 October 2020, 14:53

Nicola Sturgeon has announced Scotland’s new five tier lockdown system
Nicola Sturgeon has announced Scotland’s new five tier lockdown system. Picture: PA Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

How does Scotland's new five-level system work and what are the restrictions in each level?

Nicola Sturgeon revealed her new five Tier lockdown system in Scotland at a news conference on Friday.

The Covid-19 alert system will allow the government to impose different lockdown restrictions in local areas, depending on the infection rate.

The new system will come into force from Monday 2 November but it has not yet been announced which areas fall into which Tier.

What are the new lockdown restrictions in Scotland?

Level 0 - This would allow people to meet indoors with eight people from three households and most businesses would be open, with safety measures in place.

Pubs across Scotland have already been forced to close
Pubs across Scotland have already been forced to close. Picture: PA Images

Level 1 - Indoor household meetings would be limited to six people from two households but businesses would also stay open.

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Level 2 - There would be limitations on hospitality and no gatherings inside people's homes.

Most leisure and entertainment would be closed, except cinemas.

Level 3 - Much of the hospitality would be closed completely, but restaurants may be allowed to stay open.

Level 4 - This would be close to a full lockdown that the whole UK went into at the end of March, with non-essential shops and all hospitality forced to close.

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People would still be allowed to meet outdoors using the rule of six, but gyms would close.

Ms Sturgeon also announced that businesses in Scotland which face lockdown restrictions will be able to apply for grants.

Grants for £2,000 or £3,000 would be paid every four weeks for firms forced to close due to lockdown restrictions.

Those which cannot trade as normal due to restrictions but can stay open can also apply for funding of £1,400 or £2,100 every four weeks.

A 'circuit breaker' lockdown has already been in force in a lot of Scotland for two weeks, with bars and restaurants restricted from serving alcohol and many shut altogether.

This has now been extended until November 2, when the new system will start.

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