Piers Morgan slams Wimbledon’s ‘attack on chivalry’ by banning ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’

2 July 2019, 11:26

Co-host Susanna Reid called Piers out on his ludicrous complaint during Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan was left furious after the Wimbledon tennis tournament introduced a new rule to encourage equality among players.

Whereas umpires always called male players just by surname, female players always had 'miss' or 'mrs' as a prefix, depending on their marital status.

The 54-year-old presenter was riled up over what many see as a victory for gender equality.

Piers ranted: "So this has really annoyed me... Umpires at Wimbledon are no longer, as of this tournament, referring to female players as 'Miss' or 'Mrs', as the tournament says it now has to move with the times."

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Piers Morgan slammed the new rules on Good Morning Britain
Piers Morgan slammed the new rules on Good Morning Britain. Picture: ITV / Good Morning Britain

Susanna, 48, argued: "So it's now going to refer to women like they do to the men!"

Piers complained that the improved rule means a loss of "element refined English class, old fashioned chivalry, and manners."

He went on to blame the "absurd, global movement that all things must become gender-less."

Joining the arguing hosts on the panel, Richard Arnold and Charlotte Hawkins looked on in bewilderment as the rant continued.

Wimbledon continues to improve on providing equality on and off the pitch, after the prize fund for male and female championships was only made equal in 2007.

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