What are the rules on meeting other households in the second England lockdown?

3 November 2020, 14:46

What are the rules on meeting up with friends and family?
What are the rules on meeting up with friends and family? Picture: PA

England will go into a month-long lockdown from Thursday - here are the rules on meeting family and friends.

Last weekend, Boris Johnson announced that England would be going into a second national lockdown starting from Thursday 5 September.

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Speaking at a press conference from No10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister said: "We have got to be humble in the face of nature, in this country alas - as much of Europe - the virus is spreading much faster than the reasonable worst case scenario.

Boris Johnson announced the new rules on Saturday
Boris Johnson announced the new rules on Saturday. Picture: PA

"Unless we act, we could see death in this country at several thousand a day, a bigger mortality than in April."

Detailing the new rules, he added: "must stay at home - only leave for education, for work, for exercise and recreation outdoors with your household, on your own, or one person from another household, for medical reasons, escape from danger or harm, and to shop for food and essentials".

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What are the rules on meeting up with friends, family and other households?

People are being advised to stay at home, and should only meet one person from one other household at a time in an open public space, like a park.

The rules on support bubbles are unchanged for this lockdown, meaning that someone living alone can form a 'bubble' with one other household (of any size) and continue to meet up with them and act as if they are one household.

All other mixing with other households - whether indoors or outdoors - will be banned.

Boris Johnson outlines restrictions for second national lockdown

Does the 'rule of six' still apply?

Due to the updated rules, the 'rule of six' will not apply in England - as meeting with more than one person from another household in a public space is banned.

When does the second national lockdown start and when will it end?

The lockdown starts at midnight on Thursday November 5, and is due to end on the 2 December,

After that, Boris Johnson has said that the country will go back into the tiered system.


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