School uniform grant: How parents can apply for the support

27 June 2022, 08:25

Parents can claim up to £150 for school uniforms
Parents can claim up to £150 for school uniforms. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

How to claim school uniform grants in the UK - everything you need to know...

Parents can now apply for school uniform grants worth up to £150.

With the cost of living hitting an all time high, some councils across the UK have brought in the support.

While the scheme isn't available in every local authority, you can check whether you are eligible on the Government website.

Last year, it was revealed less than 30 councils in England offered the grant, according to MoneySavingExpert.

Some parents are eligible for financial support
Some parents are eligible for financial support. Picture: Getty Images

How to claim school uniform grant

In order to claim the school uniform grant, you must meet certain criteria such as getting free school meals, claiming benefits or being on a low income.

According to MoneySavingExpert, a low income is typically classed as a household earning less than £16,190 in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, and £16,105 in Scotland.

To check whether you are eligible, head to the government's finder tool, type in your postcode, and you will see if your local authority provides support.

Here's how to apply for school uniform grants
Here's how to apply for school uniform grants. Picture: Getty Images

There are varying deadlines for applications depending on where you live, with some as early as June and some not until the new term starts in September.

Families in England can receive up to £150 per child, per year toward the cost, while those in Scotland can claim up to £120 per child in primary school and £150 per child in secondary school.

Parents in Northern Ireland can get up to £78 per year for secondary school pupils and £35.75 for those in primary and in Wales, parents can receive as much as £200 towards the cost of their uniforms depending on their age.

This comes after The Schoolwear Association revealed the average cost of a school uniform in England is £101.19.

Many schools help parents with buying uniforms, as well as many local charities

You can find out what help is available to you with Turn2Us’ free grants search tool.