Big Brother star Sallie Axl gets HEEL implants to make herself taller

17 February 2019, 12:53

Sallie Axl
Sallie Axl. Picture: Instagram

The glamour model reveals her surgery news on social media and says 'next year everyone will get foot implants'

Reality star Sallie Axl has revealed she has had heel implants to make herself taller.

The ex Big Brother contestant shocked fans when she posted a photo from her hospital bed in the US following the unusual plastic surgery procedure.

She wrote: “Been a hard 24 hours but I’m so happy . #taller #heelimplants #arthroplasty."

Following the snap, Sallie, who before surgery was 5”2, was forced to call out her “haters” in a video message she later posted online.

The 31-year-old said: "I just wanted to do a quick little video to everyone know I am doing OK.

“I am just in bed, just recovering now. My eyes are still puffy, I hate anaesthetic, I have a really bad reaction to anaesthetic.

“But yeah, all the haters, I don't really care what you say, because you all saying that bum implants weren't good, but next year everyone will be getting foot implants.

“So I don't understand what, first of all it was boob implants, then bum implants, and everyone was hating on them and now I've got foot implants. I bet you everyone gets foot implants next year.

“Everyone wants to be taller. So, not everyone, just short people. So just shut up all the haters.

“But also, I just wanted to say 'thank you' to everyone for all your great and nice support.”

Sallie first opened up about her wish to be taller in American TV show Botched. The celeb surgeons suggested an arthroplasty, which increases height by attaching an artificial joint to the bone.

And despite some negative comments, many of Sallie’s fans were quick to praise the star’s decision to have the heel procedure.

One wrote: "Just ignore the negativity! Everyone is different and everyone should embrace it! Your body you do what you want end of."

Another added: “I found you on Botched and you were so sweet to watch! There’s nothing wrong with you spending your money how YOU want. Congrats on your surgery and I hope you recover and heal quickly."

The mum-of-one is no stranger to cosmetic surgery and has already gone under the knife several times. She’s had three nose jobs, a breast augmentation and fat from her body injected into her bum.