Android users should immediately delete these 15 'potentially dangerous' apps, warns expert

11 November 2019, 13:01

Have you got these 'dangerous' apps on your phone?
Have you got these 'dangerous' apps on your phone? Picture: Getty

Experts have claimed that many antivirus apps popular with Android users could potentially be dangerous

Android users have been urged to delete a number of antivirus apps, for fear that they are doing more harm than good to your phone.

Experts from VPN Pro have warned that about 15 apps that are 'amazingly popular' with Android users could have a damaging effect.

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They include Antivirus Free 2019, Clean Master and Security Master.

Could your phone be in danger? (stock image)
Could your phone be in danger? (stock image). Picture: Getty

Security researcher Jan Youngren wrote in a blog: “These apps are amazingly popular and potentially dangerous.

“That’s because they’re asking users to give them a lot of dangerous permissions that they don’t seem to need.

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“Permissions like knowing where you are at all times, being able to use your camera, and even using your phone without your knowledge.

“Even though these apps have been found guilty of these malicious activities in the past, they’re still available on Google Play and amassing millions of installs every month.”

The 15 apps have worryingly been downloaded around 2 billion times in total - meaning a number of Android users could be at risk.

An expert has warned that certain antivirus apps could be bad for your phone (stock image)
An expert has warned that certain antivirus apps could be bad for your phone (stock image). Picture: Getty

The full list of potentially dangerous Android anti-virus apps:

Security Master

Virus Cleaner

Antivirus Free 2019

360 Security

Virus Cleaner 2019

Super Phone Cleaner

360 Security Lite

Super Cleaner

Clean Master

Super Security

Antivirus Free

Antivirus Android

Antivirus & Virus Cleane

Antivirus Mobile


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