UK pubs could limit us to only three pints following lockdown, Government adviser suggests

29 April 2020, 07:50 | Updated: 29 April 2020, 08:08

Brits will be raring to get back into the pubs when lockdown lifts
Brits will be raring to get back into the pubs when lockdown lifts. Picture: Getty

It could be a shock to those who are wanting to go out and celebrate once lockdown begins to ease off.

At the moment we're uncertain about when exactly lockdown will lift, but recently developments such as B&Q re-opening their doors and chains such as Greggs, McDonald's and Nando's beginning a phased return to the high street is promising.

Brits across the country have their hopes up that the government will announce a phased return to normality come May 7th, when the second three-week period sets to come to an end.

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The country will be in celebration as soon as the pubs re-open
The country will be in celebration as soon as the pubs re-open. Picture: Getty

It's likely lockdown won't be completely lifted but many are hopeful that some positive changes will be announced and some rules will be relaxed, such as meeting friends and family, or travelling.

However, a Government adviser has suggested that when pubs are set to re-open, they could limit Brits to only three pints each.

Professor Eyal Winter has claimed that Brits are "starving" for the pubs to be re-opened, and it's likely the Government would then bring in a drink limit to help keep them safe following this period of uncertainty.

How's this for the ultimate Sunday lunch?

The Lancaster University academic spoke to The Guardian and insisted that social distancing would still be required if pubs reopen.

Professor Winter is currently advising the Government on how to ease coronavirus restrictions, and he speaks with the Cabinet Office’s behavioural science group.

Pubs first shut their doors on March 20th, three days before Prime Minister Boris Johnson shut down the UK back on March 23rd, and the economist has suggested that pub landlord could ration how much beer they serve to two or three pints per person, although this will be undoubtedly hard to monitor.

He said: “People are starving for pubs. They are an important part of British culture.

“One of the most important things is to have a programme, to say, ‘in two weeks we will do such and such’.

“You need to make the rules crystal clear, and to explain to the public the rationale behind each one of them.”

Brits hope pubs will re-open soon
Brits hope pubs will re-open soon. Picture: Getty

The professor added: “It will take a lot of time to move back to January 2020. But we will get there.”

Dr Winter is part of a team that feeds policy ideas to the Government, but not all are accepted.

Following his suggestion, The British Beer and Pub Association suggested putting even more restrictions on pubs would be “a step too far”.

Chief Executive Emma McClarkin told The Guardian: “It is important that the Government pays special attention to the conditions under which pubs are asked to operate when it comes to reopening.

“Stringent social distancing, if required, will have an enormous impact on footfall in pubs and consumer confidence will take time to rebuild.

“We anticipate that trade could be down by well over half upon reopening, when the time comes, so pubs will need substantial ongoing support from Government if they are to survive this crisis for the long term.

“Restricting and monitoring consumption on top of any COVID restrictions that may need to be enforced is a step too far.”