UK weather: African plume to hit Britain with 30C heatwave

22 May 2023, 12:42 | Updated: 1 August 2023, 09:56

Hot weather is on it's way to the UK
Hot weather is on it's way to the UK. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Britain is set for an 'African plume' heatwave as hottest day of the year predicted next month.

After a taste of summer for many of us over the weekend, temperatures in Britain are set to hit 30C next month.

Many forecasters are predicting an ‘African Plume’ could push temperatures in the UK into a heatwave.

The Met Office forecast states: “A high-pressure ridge is most likely to extend across the UK, resulting in a good amount of fine and dry weather for most.

“Temperatures most likely above average overall, although most likely closer to average in the southeast.

It could be sunbathing weather over the weekend
It could be sunbathing weather over the weekend. Picture: Alamy

“Into June, high pressure is predicted to remain dominant, especially for northern areas, with cloud, rain and showers more likely to the south, although there is a level of uncertainty associated with this.

“An increased likelihood of above average temperatures for many.”

Exacta Weather’s forecaster has also said temperatures could exceed 30C for the first time this summer.

James Madden said: “Much warmer weather is likely to be on the cards from early June, and on a more prolonged basis.

“This will also result in some hot surges over several days and well above-average temperatures on a number of occasions throughout the month as a whole, and the first of which is likely to strike from the early part of June and in-line with the start of the meteorological summer.”

The sunny weather is set to return next month
The sunny weather is set to return next month. Picture: PA Images

This comes after the UK experienced its warmest day of the year with the mercury hitting 23C in Porthmadog, north Wales.

Over the next few days, temperatures are expected to be in the late teens in the north, while southern areas could see temperatures above 20C.

“It sets us up for a nice start – lots of sunshine around, even in eastern Scotland, and conditions improve as the day goes on,” Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said.

He added: “In the sunshine, feeling very warm – temperatures even reaching mid-20s at times. The hottest day of the year so far.”

Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be dry and sunny across the country, with temperatures reaching highs of 19C in the southeast and northwest England.