UK weather: Britain to be hotter than Rome this week with temperatures reaching 19C

14 March 2022, 10:13

The weather is set to heat up this week
The weather is set to heat up this week. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

The Met Office has predicted the UK will be hotter than Rome this week, as temperatures almost reach 20C.

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It looks like Spring is finally on its way, with temperatures set to reach 19C this week.

While we have been battling some extreme weather over the past few months, Britain is set to be hotter than Rome in the coming days.

According to forecasters, the week will start with temperatures of 16C before it creeps up to 19C on Wednesday.

Thursday will also see highs of 16C, perfect for St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

This beats Rome’s forecast of 15C and is well above the 11C average for this time of year.

The Uk is set for sunny weather this week
The Uk is set for sunny weather this week. Picture: Alamy

A Met Office forecaster said: “Monday's sunny spells in the South will see temperatures a little above average.

“Tuesday will be dry in the South-East, with the North-West's rain spreading on Wednesday, but fine and sunny from Thursday for the UK.

“From then to late March has temperatures mild to very mild for most, with dry conditions and the sunniest weather in the South and East, although it may be chilly should winds tap into colder air across eastern Europe.”

According to The Sun, this is down to a 700-mile African heat burst which is blowing over the UK.

BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker told the Mirror: "Monday is a much better day, the winds will be lighter there will be some sunshine around.

Brits will be heading to the beach this week
Brits will be heading to the beach this week. Picture: Alamy

"There will still be some showers around northern parts of the country but in the south it really is an improving picture and that’s how it is going to be over the next few days into next week.

"In fact in the south of the country temperatures could peak around 17C or 18C. So a mixed weekend but better the week ahead.”

Things are set to cool down over the weekend, with Friday expected to be mostly fine with little cloud.

In the far northwest, it is likely to be breezier with a chance of showers, with temperatures staying slightly above average.

With high pressure dominating, most areas should be dry and the mercury will be mild, with the sunniest weather in the south.