UK weather: Britain to be battered by two months of rainfall in a day as ‘risk to life’ warnings issued

18 January 2021, 10:14 | Updated: 18 January 2021, 10:16

The UK is set for heavy rainfall
The UK is set for heavy rainfall. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning with potential for flooding across the UK.

The UK is bracing itself for heavy downpours across the country, with the Met Office issuing ‘danger to life’ warnings.

According to the forecast, up to 60mm of rainfall will sweep across England and Wales at the start of the week with Amber and Yellow alerts for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Experts are telling people to prepare for power cuts and travel chaos, while homes and businesses are likely to be flooded as two months of rain could fall in a single day.

The Met Office said: "Several days of persistent and occasional heavy rain are expected to affect the region.

"The heaviest and most persistent rain is likely to be across Wales and the high ground of northern England, Pennines.

The UK is set for more rainfall this week
The UK is set for more rainfall this week. Picture: PA Images

"By early Thursday, 30-60 mm of rain is expected to fall widely across the warning area, with 100-150 mm over the high ground of Wales and northern England. Up to 200 mm is possible across parts of north Wales.

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"Melting snow across higher parts of the Pennines may exacerbate the potential for flooding. Strong winds will also accompany the rainfall and may add to travelling difficulties across areas higher and more exposed routes."

The Met Office has warned that those making essential journeys to work could be hit by public transport delays with train and bus services, as well as 'difficult driving conditions and road closures.'

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The areas set to be hardest hit are Sheffield - which could face four inches of rainfall in 36 hours - as well as Manchester and higher ground in Wales.

The Environment Agency has also issued 12 separate flood warnings covering large areas of the East of England which require residents to take ‘immediate action’.

A further 70 lesser flood alerts have also been issued, telling people to ‘be prepared’ as melting snow is expected to cause rising floodwater.

Met Office forecaster Craig Snell told The Sun: "Around 30-60mm of rain could be seen in the worst affected regions, with 200mm in the most hilly areas."This could cause some snowmelt flooding issues, so people are advised to be very careful when travelling to work."

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