UK weather: Britain to be hit by six inches of snow before New Years Day

30 December 2020, 09:57 | Updated: 30 December 2020, 09:59

Britain braced for six inches of snow and temperatures as low as -10°C

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for the next 4 days in the run up to 2021.

The UK is set for up to six inches of snow this week, with the Met Office issuing yellow weather warnings across most of the country.

After Storm Bella battered Britain with gale force winds, now snow and ice warnings are in place for most of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the run up to New Years Day.

A Met Office spokesperson told Sun Online: "It's cold and there's some sleet and snow to go with it.

"On Wednesday afternoon, we will see a swathe of wet weather crossing southern England and Wales and there is a possibility it will bring some heavy snow in the latter part of Wednesday and overnight on Thursday.

The UK has already been hit by snow this year
The UK has already been hit by snow this year. Picture: PA Images

"The warning stretches as far as London, so we could see some disruptive and significant snow building up.

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"There's a high chance of seeing something wintry."

The wintry showers are expected to move over parts of southern Scotland and northern England, while coastal areas are likely to be hit with rainfall.

Sub-zero temperatures across large parts of the UK today mean the roads and pavements could become very dangerous as the week goes on.

Glasgow could even see temperatures plunge to -4C.

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Another Met Office spokesperson told The Mirror: “An Atlantic frontal system looks likely to bring rain into parts of southwestern Britain on Wednesday.

“As this moves further east into colder air there is a chance of this rain turning to snow.

"The extent of any snow is very uncertain, but 2 to 5 cm could fall across a swathe of southern Wales, central and southern England, with a small chance of 10 to 15 cm settling in a few places, most likely on high ground above 200 metres.

“As the rain and snow clears on Wednesday night there is a risk of widespread ice forming on untreated surfaces.”

This comes after drivers were warned to avoid leaving their houses unless it was necessary across the South West of England.

In Gloucestershire, police warned locals to 'only go out if it is essential to do so' after three inches of snow caused chaos on roads.

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