Another four heatwaves on the way in the UK - with highs of 28C this week

20 June 2022, 10:28 | Updated: 20 June 2022, 10:29

The UK looks set to see highs of 28C this week
The UK looks set to see highs of 28C this week. Picture: Getty
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

UK weather: Forecasters have predicted that Brits could see another four heatwaves in the coming weeks, with temperatures in the high 20s expected in parts of the country.

Brits are being braced for a scorching hot summer this year, with forecasters predicting that another four heatwaves are on the way.

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The UK saw its hottest day of the year so far last Friday, with the mercury reaching 32.7C in Norfolk.

The Met Office has predicted that the country will see more heatwaves on the horizon, and temperatures are expected to soar to 28C this week.

The UK saw its hottest day of the year last week
The UK saw its hottest day of the year last week. Picture: Getty

As reported by the Mirror, forecaster Simon Partridge said: we are facing a "decent week of sunshine" from today (Monday).

He added: "We’ve got some warmer weather coming, it’s not going to be a heatwave but we could be in the mid to high 20s on Wednesday and Thursday.

"We are probably looking at 28C on Thursday and in the north they could be up to 25C.

"But typically, it’s going to cool off again into the weekend when it will be a bit more unsettled.

"As we go into mid July there’s a reasonable signal from the models that things will be above average temperature wise so it could warm up a bit more than usual as we go into July."

He added that "there’s always a potential" for more heatwaves in July.

"It does look as if mid July, which is quite a long way off and things can change, but most of the major models signal a warmer than average spell."