UK weather: Weekend will see hottest days of year with 25C highs

11 May 2022, 08:18

The weather is set to reach highs of 25C this weekend
The weather is set to reach highs of 25C this weekend. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The Met Office forecasters are predicting another sunny weekend with warm air moving in from the south.

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It’s time to get out the paddling pool, as the weekend could see highs of 25C in some parts of the UK.

While some northern parts of the country have seen some rain over the past few days, things will brighten up as we head into the next few days.

In fact, they could reach as high as 25C in the south, making it the hottest period of the year so far.

The warmest day so far was recorded on April 15, where a high of 23.4C was recorded in St James’s Park, London, but this could be beaten on Saturday,

The weather will stay warm over the weekend
The weather will stay warm over the weekend. Picture: Alamy

BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said that as high pressure starts to build on Thursday and Friday, warmer and summer weather will sweep across the south.

As for the north, temperatures will also increase but residents can also expect rainfall, especially in western Scotland.

He said: "But which ever way you look at it, it is really starting to settle down by Friday with widespread sunny skies and temperatures 20C in London.

"Look at the outlooks, so Saturday, Sunday into next week we are talking about 20s, mid 20s across the south."

As for today and tomorrow, the low pressure will see plenty more rain for Wales which will then start to move across the country.

Brits can expect hot weather this weekend
Brits can expect hot weather this weekend. Picture: Alamy

According to the Met Office, the next few days will also see unsettled conditions with strong winds and longer spells of rain.

Their forecasters state: “There will be spells of rain, heavy at times, for Wales and much of England this morning, rain will then clear to sunny spells from all but the far east and southeast later.

“You can expect sunny spells for Scotland and Northern Ireland, but also some showers.

“There will be a fine end to the day for many with any early evening rain in the southeast soon clearing. It will be dry with clear spells for many overnight, but some showers will remain in the northwest.”