UK weather: When snow is forecast in your area according to Met Office

7 March 2022, 07:42

Snow is expected across many areas of the UK
Snow is expected across many areas of the UK. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

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When is snow forecast this month? And will it hit my area? Here's what we know...

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The UK could see the return of snow next week, according to the Met Office.

With an area of low pressure coming from the Atlantic, it will bring with it unsettled conditions and a chance of wintry showers.

This will mostly affect areas of higher ground in the north of England and Scotland.

Cold weather will be returning to the UK
Cold weather will be returning to the UK. Picture: Alamy

Nicola Maxey, a spokesperson for the Met Office, told The Independent: “There is a likelihood of snow over higher ground in northern England and Scotland, but there is still quite a bit of uncertainty because it depends what direction that high pressure moves in.

“We would be looking at snow in the northeast, heading up into Scotland, as the colder air is pushed northeastwards away from the UK with the arrival of systems from the west.”

The Met Office also predicts there might be wintry showers across central areas, with the forecast saying: “Towards the end of the month, a north-south split may develop with high pressure across the south and more changeable conditions likely in the north.

Snow will be hitting Scotland and Wales
Snow will be hitting Scotland and Wales. Picture: Alamy

“Temperatures are expected to be mostly near normal to rather mild, though feeling colder in the wind. Through the rest of the period, frontal systems push eastwards which are likely to bring strengthening winds and rain.

“The main impacts are likely to be from heavy rain and gales during this time. Clearer weather, with showers, possibly wintry, may reach all areas by the end of this period.”

Meanwhile, maps from WXCharts expect heavy snow will arrive next Friday, March 11 with over 20cm of snow possible in Wales and Scotland.

Expect snow in some areas of the UK
Expect snow in some areas of the UK. Picture: Alamy

These then show that there is likely to be some wintry showers moving across the Midlands and flurries also on the south coast.

As for today, it’s a frosty start for many central and northern areas, before things start to clear up.

The forecast states: "Most places dry with sunny periods and variable cloud, possibly a shower in far southwest later. Chilly in the wind in the south and west.

"Tonight, fine and dry with clear periods, although cloudier at times in the west and north, possibly with a few showers in the far west where becoming windy."