‘My wife is furious because my parents are leaving the country and she wants free childcare’

2 March 2022, 12:33 | Updated: 2 March 2022, 12:44

A woman has been slammed for expecting her mother-in-law to provide childcare
A woman has been slammed for expecting her mother-in-law to provide childcare. Picture: Getty Images
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A man and his wife have gotten into a row over childcare after his parents revealed they were planning to emigrate.

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A man has been left in an awkward position after his parents decided to move to a different country, leaving him and his wife without free childcare.

The anonymous Reddit user - who lives outside of the UK - explained that he shares three kids with his partner who are between the ages of two and eight.

They both rely heavily on his parents to help look after the children, as her mum and dad already live outside the country.

The post reads: "My parents love being grandparents but are really busy. My mum is currently the president of a fibre arts guild in her local area and travels a lot to shows, conferences and visits other guilds in their national network.

A man and his wife disagree about childcare
A man and his wife disagree about childcare. Picture: Alamy

“She's also flown around and asked to teach classes even internationally and got a diploma from people who do embroidery for the Queen of England (literally).”

The man’s mum recently announced she wanted to get a go back to education, and has to move to London for three years because it is the only place that does the university course she wants.

"My siblings and I are a bit disappointed that we won't have our parents around as much but we also understand how much our mum has given up to raise us and how much she loves her crafts,” the post continues.

"My wife feels that it's unfair of my parents to move to London like this when our kids are young and need their grandparents the most for a degree she doesn't need, and my parents are just draining the money they got from the sale of our family home.”

A woman has caused outrage on Reddit
A woman has caused outrage on Reddit. Picture: Alamy

When the wife expressed her concerns over a big family dinner, the grandparents have now started to question their decision to move altogether.

"My siblings are furious at my wife and we ended up leaving the dinner because my wife was basically told she had no say in this because it wasn't her mum and she wasn't family,” he continued.

"I thought that was a harsh thing to say to my wife but I also think our issues shouldn't be factor in my mum pursuing her dreams.”

He finally added: “My wife basically told her that being a grandmother should be the most important thing in her life."

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of people have been quick to share their thoughts.

Should grandparents always be around to offer free childcare?
Should grandparents always be around to offer free childcare? Picture: Alamy

One person wrote: “Grandparents are great if they can provide childcare but they shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for enjoying their own life.

“Getting childcare is you and your wife’s responsibility- not your parents. Your mom deserves to do what makes her happy to without the guilt.”

Another said: “She's being incredibly selfish. They're not entitled to free childcare from grandparents, who have their own lives.”

While a third shared their own experience, writing: “My grandma loved us, but she was clear from before my oldest cousin was born that she was not childcare. She told my mum and her siblings ‘I raised my children, you can raise yours’.”

And a fourth added: “Your mother put her dreams on hold to parent her children, and now she finally has the time to pursue them. She earned this time where she can finally put her desires at the forefront.”