Families on Universal Credit will be £630 a year better off under new rules that start today

8 April 2019, 13:08

Universal Credit
Rules surrounding Universal Credit are set to change today . Picture: Getty

The Universal Credit scheme had it's fair share of controversy but the government have announced new plans that will see families with more money in their pockets.

British families on Universal credit are set to get another £650 a year under new rules that take effect from today.

Hardworking families will be able to hold onto more of their cash, now the work allowance has been raised by £1000 over the year.

The Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd said in The Sun the boost to benefits will make Universal credit "fairer and more flexible" for families feeling the pinch.

October's budget last year first saw the changes announced to rules regarding working parents with dependant children, or adults with an illness that affects how much they can work.

Rudd said the government have invested more than £10 billion into Universal Credit after concerns that hard up families were having to wait more than five weeks to receive their first payment.

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Universal Credit
Hardworking families will be able to hold onto more of their cash, now the work allowance has been raised. Picture: Getty

Plans to slash the allowances a taper rates, people can now hold onto more of their earnings.

Those who are disabled will be entitled to more financial support, as from today the maximum Access to Work grant – which pays for equipment or for interpreters to help disabled people to do their jobs – has seen an increase of £2,000 a year.

The Universal Credit scheme has had it's fair share of controversy since it was first introduced last year.

It takes five weeks to receive your first payment and some families had been left worse off by thousands of pounds a year.

What's more, while working families are able to claim up to 85 percent of childcare costs, they have to foot the bills themselves first before claiming it back - with some families waiting months for reimbursement.

One million people are already using the system and by the time it's rolled out in 2023, nearly 7 million people will be on it.