Arctic blast to savage Britain as 10C temperatures bring snow and thunderstorms

11 May 2020, 11:23

The UK's weather is set for a dramatic change
The UK's weather is set for a dramatic change. Picture: PA

Just after we enjoyed a sunny spell over the May bank holiday weekend, the weather is set to take a turn for the worse.

The UK should be prepared for temperatures to plummet down to 10C following the sunny bank holiday, which could bring with it thunderstorms and even snow in parts of the country.

Arctic winds will be swept in from the North, set to give the nation a blast of freezing cold air, a drastic change from last week's weather.

Forecasters have warned of the dramatic change in weather for the week ahead, with Marco Petagna - a Met Office forecaster - stating: "It's from summer back to winter in 48 hours.

"Massive temperature changes are forecasted."

This past Saturday, the UK basked in the gorgeous sunshine as we lapped up some of the hottest temperatures of the year all over the country.

The majority of Brits followed the government's guidelines to stay at home, and fought the urge to head to the beaches and parks.

Parts of Scotland are already experiencing snow
Parts of Scotland are already experiencing snow. Picture: Getty

The Sun Online spoke to meteorologist Matthew Box, who revealed that the mercury hit a high of 25C.

However, we're set to see temperatures plummet to around 12 degrees over the upcoming few days, with parts of Scotland already experiencing these drops, along with snow.

Matthew Box also added: "But what we're seeing is a cold front bringing some cold air from the North down across the country.

"There is over a 10 degree difference in maximum temperatures across parts of Scotland and most of the country because of the cold air."

Dreary weather is the harsh reality for many Brits this week
Dreary weather is the harsh reality for many Brits this week. Picture: Getty

The Met Office's website states that today we will experience "showers affecting parts of northern Scotland and eastern England, wintry in the northeast at first.

"Dry elsewhere with broken cloud and sunny spells and strong winds making it feel cold in the south with gales along some coasts."

Later today we will experience a widespread frost in the south, with showers affecting Northern Ireland and northern England.

Tomorrow, the showers will continue to affect northern, central and eastern parts of the country, with windy bursts in the north of Scotland.

Then for the rest of the week, there will be scattered showers once again across the north and the east, with sunny spells elsewhere, however we are at risk of cold temperatures and frost overnight.