Britain set for torrential downpours this week before heatwave hits on Saturday

7 July 2020, 17:54

The weather is set to change drastically towards the end of the week
The weather is set to change drastically towards the end of the week. Picture: Getty

The weather's been very temperamental recently but we can look forward to a lovely weekend!

The UK should brace itself for a few days of horrendous downpours thorough this week before the wet weather finally comes to and end this weekend,

We can except a lovely mini-heatwave over Saturday and Sunday, with the grey skies clearing up on Friday.

This week started off pretty cloudy, but over the next few days we can expect heavy rain as the Atlantic brings in plenty of clouds and showers.

According to the Met Office, cloud and rain will spread eastwards across the UK, with the heaviest rain across the hills of Wales and northwest England. 

Scotland will be brighter with showers while Southern England will stay relatively dry, with the rain continuing to pour throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

A Met Office spokesperson told the Sun Online: “Rain will push across Northern Ireland, Wales central and northern England on Tuesday, though there is some uncertainty as to how far north and south the rain will be. 

“It’s likely to be heavy at times, especially around the high ground for west Wales and perhaps northwest England where quite widely rainfall totals will be around 5-15mm, 20-30mm over higher ground and locally >40mm, before the rain turns more drizzly and edges southwards through the evening.”

The weather won't be pleasant this week
The weather won't be pleasant this week. Picture: Getty

This will continue throughout Wednesday and Thursday and will affect the majority of the central and southern parts of Britain,

Only parts of the North are expected to avoid the grim weather, with humidity also affecting the majority of England and Wales until it's expected to clear up on Friday.

The Met Office spokesperson added: “Further rain is likely through Wednesday and Thursday, mainly across England and Wales with perhaps far northern and southern parts of England avoiding much of it. 

“Again the heaviest rain will be around high ground in the west where rainfall totals will continue to build up. 

“At the moment it does not look like the impacts will be widespread enough for warnings to be issued but some localised impacts are likely.”

The weather's set to pick up
The weather's set to pick up. Picture: Getty

From this Friday we can expect high pressure building across the country which will bring with it dry conditions. meaning higher temperatures for us this weekend, say Netweather.

Both Saturday and Sunday will be filled with sunshine and temperatures will reach 21C - perfect for hitting the park.

However, we can also look forward to a boiling heatwave towards the end of July, with temperatures expected to hit an impressive 30C during the last week of the month.