Met Office warn of tropical 'beast' Hurricane Lorenzo set to batter Britain as of tomorrow

30 September 2019, 11:05 | Updated: 30 September 2019, 11:13

Last week saw us hit by the tail end of Hurricane Humberto and the bad weather looks set to continue

The UK has been hit with horrific torrential downpours over the last week due to us receiving the back end of Hurricane Humberto - which had awful consequences in Bermuda.

But after a few dry spells, it looks like we're headed again for a disgustingly wet week thanks to another tropical hurricane.

This time around, it's Hurricane Humberto who is the cause of our terrible upcoming weather, causing The Met Office to issue warnings across the UK once more.

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The weather won't be getting any better
The weather won't be getting any better. Picture: PA
The Met Office have issued warnings for a large chunk of the UK
The Met Office have issued warnings for a large chunk of the UK. Picture: The Met Office

South Wales and the Midlands will be hit the worst by the rain according to The Met Office, with them stating: "heavy rain causing disruption due to localised flooding on Monday afternoon and evening".

This is set to carry on into Tuesday as well, with the heavy rain kicking off from 3pm today.

They have said we should expect a few homes and businesses flooding, bus and train services affected, longer journey times and some interruption to power supplies.

However, there was a prior danger to life warning linked to the hurricane, and The Environment agency still have over 200 warnings and alerts in place for England alone.

By Thursday the hurricane is expected to hit Britain
By Thursday the hurricane is expected to hit Britain. Picture: Getty
Over 200 warnings have been issued
Over 200 warnings have been issued. Picture: The Environment Agency

Hurricane Lorenzo, a maximum Category 5 storm, is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded so close to Europe.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates said: “Lorenzo is a real beast of a storm.

"It will be one of Europe's strongest ever tropical storms, as the Azores are part of Europe.

“After reaching the Azores on Tuesday, Lorenzo is expected to move to the UK by Thursday - bringing a couple of days with potentially worse conditions than this weekend.

“There are scenarios from gales to storm-force 70mph-plus gusts, but there's uncertainty."

England is covered in flood warnings
England is covered in flood warnings. Picture:

The Environment Agency's red and amber warnings are dotted across the entirety of England at the moment, but they haven't shared any warnings on the page for the other UK countries.

This warning is in place from 3pm on Monday until 3pm on Tuesday.

The warning area is for, East Midlands, North West England, West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humber.