UK weather: Britain to be drenched in rain for the next week!

8 May 2019, 17:32

It's going to be a wet week for Brits
It's going to be a wet week for Brits. Picture: GETTY

Sunny spells aren't expected to return until NEXT Wednesday!

The UK is set for a very wet week with forecasts suggesting heavy rain and potential thunderstorms throughout the next seven days.

While there aren't yet any weather or flood warnings issued, the Environment Agency warns that localised flooding is expected.

The downpours come just after all four UK nations - Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland - recorded their warmest Easter weather on record.

Temperatures will hang around the mid-teens for the next couple of days, with a slight and very gradual rise towards the end of the week.

Grab your umbrella, it's going to be a wet week!
Grab your umbrella, it's going to be a wet week! Picture: GETTY

Met Office meteorologist Sophie Yeomans explained to The Independent: "There's quite a lot of rain across the UK today, persistent in the northern half of the UK with a mix of sunshine and heavy showers for the south...

"Through the rest of the week we will see a mixture of sunshine and showers and a few into Saturday as well but over the weekend it looks to become drier and warmer, especially by Sunday."

The meteorologist went on to state that the temperature will fluctuate with hotter spells for the dry weather, but a cooler chill will sweep over with the rain showers.