UK weather: Snow and freezing fog forecast for December as temperatures plummet

30 November 2020, 07:53 | Updated: 30 November 2020, 08:06

Snow is expected 'almost anywhere' in the UK in December (stock images)
Snow is expected 'almost anywhere' in the UK in December (stock images). Picture: Getty

UK weather forecast: snow and freezing fog is expected 'almost anywhere' in the UK as we arrive into December.

Temperatures look set to plummet this week, with snow, freezing fog and 50mph gales expected in the UK.

According to a report by The Sun, an 11-day flurry of snowfall has been predicted from Thursday (3 December), with the heaviest snow expected in the Scottish Highlands.

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Snow could reportedly fall 'almost anywhere' in the UK at this time, and it is thought that flurries will continue until 13 December.

Snow could arrive as early as this week
Snow could arrive as early as this week. Picture: Getty

The Met Office have issued a yellow weather warning for some parts of Wales and South West England today, as severe fog remains in place this morning.

A BBC meteorologist said: "We start off with murky weather in the week ahead, but then outbreaks of rain will develop - winds strengthen as the week goes by, it will then turn colder, significantly, through Thursday and Friday."

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Speaking about the possibility of snow, a Met Office spokesperson told The Sun: "We could see some snow falling in showers almost anywhere across the UK on Friday and next weekend."

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They predicted that the snow will be "mostly confined to upland regions" by the end of the week, and wintry showers are expected from Thursday.

It is also predicted that heavy rain, "soft hail, sleet and snow" is likely early next week, with "possibly more widespread snow over some hills and mountains".


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