When is the next UK lockdown review?

28 May 2020, 10:46

Boris Johnson is set to announce the next level of lockdown soon
Boris Johnson is set to announce the next level of lockdown soon. Picture: PA Images

When is the next UK lockdown review? Date the Government will review coronavirus rules on schools, retail, public transport and sporting events.

Lockdown measures are now slowly easing across the UK, with Boris Johnson unveiling the government’s three-phase plan on 10 May.

The 'road map for reopening society' is a 51-page dossier that sets out a three-phase strategy for gradually lifting the current restrictions.

But which phase are we in right now, and when will the lockdown be reviewed? Find out everything.

Boris Johnson is set to ease lockdown rules
Boris Johnson is set to ease lockdown rules. Picture: PA Images

When is the next lockdown review and what can we expect?

The Government has to review lockdown restrictions every three weeks.

This means the next update is due on Thursday May 28, and is set to examine whether the changes at the last review have been effective.

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The PM’s address will also suggest how to go about easing restrictions even further, nine weeks since the lockdown began on March 23.

When the Prime Minister announced on May 7 that changes would be made to the lockdown rules, he told the nation that the next phase would not start until June 1, at the very earliest, if safety conditions were met.

But among the measures which could be given further clarity today are:

- the reopening of schools

- when workplaces will open

- how the government plans to get the economy back on track

- when non-essential shops will open

- when leisure facilities such as gyms, pubs and restaurants can reopen

- when sporting and music events can resume

Any announced changes are likely to come into force a few days later.

When was the last lockdown review?

The last review was on May 7, and Mr Johnson made some changes to the rules - moving into 'Phase 3'.

During this review, Boris Johnson urged people to work from home for the "foreseeable future", but said those who cannot do so are allowed to travel to work if their workplaces are open.

He also revealed that meeting one person from a different household in a public place is allowed, keeping two metres distance, while people can enjoy unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise, along with day trips to other destinations within England.

Visiting and sunbathing in local parks is also allowed, as well as outdoor picnics, providing social distancing guidelines are followed.

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