Will there be a heatwave this April?

30 March 2022, 15:07 | Updated: 30 March 2022, 15:14

Some forecasters have claimed we could see highs of 28C in April (stock images)
Some forecasters have claimed we could see highs of 28C in April (stock images). Picture: Getty
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Forecasters previously said there was a possibility of a scorching 28C heatwave this April.

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Britain isn't famed for its predictable weather, but even by our standards this March has tumultuous.

Just last week, much of the country was enjoying heat of up to 20C, but many of us are now seeing rain, wind, and bitter chill.

Spring is finally here, however, meaning we're getting all excited for imminent warm and sunny weather, and forecasters recently said that some of the country could see highs of 28C this April.

According to reports from mid-March, many Brits could be set to enjoy warm temperatures earlier than usual this year.

Brits enjoyed some unusually sunny weather in March
Brits enjoyed some unusually sunny weather in March. Picture: Alamy

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told the Express: “I think hot weather could come in fairly early as far as April is concerned perhaps.

“I know March is the start of Spring but I think we’re probably going to get properly into April before we start to see the searing sort of temperatures.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see 26C, 27C, 28C in the middle of April.”

It is, of course, too early to say whether or not the prediction will come true, and more current reports are mixed on whether we'll experience such warm temperatures.

A recent report from the Express claimed that we could be about to see our coldest start to April in 90 years, with the mercury plunging to minus temperatures in parts of the country.

After a chilly start, it looks like temperatures are set to get warmer as we approach mid-April, but it remans to be seen whether we will see anything resembling a heatwave.