Barrow Man Gets Drinking Ban

12 February 2019, 09:18

Graham Colin Parker

A man from Barrow's been banned from drinking in public.

Police in the town say they "continually have to deal with" 55-year old Graham Colin Parker.

He's been given a two-year Criminal Behaviour Order, which also warns him not to harass people.

If he breaches it, he could go to jail for five years.

Inspector, Jim Bailey said: “I am pleased with the outcome of this case, it has involved hard work from officers and it shows that antisocial and criminal behaviour will not be tolerated.

“I hope that the two years will allow Parker to reflect on and change his behaviour, it is not acceptable to cause other people distress, I therefore also hope that this result will go towards giving the community well deserved piece-of-mind.”

“Criminal Behaviour Orders are a useful tool available to the courts which can help the offender to cease further criminality and help protect residents.

“In this instance, the court agreed with our application for the order regarding a persistent offender who we continually have to deal with which takes away resources to those that genuinely require the help of officers.

“I would encourage anyone who witnesses the terms of such a court order being broken to contact the police immediately.

"The punishment for breaking the terms of a Criminal Behaviour Order can be up to five years in prison.”