Exclusive: "Tell Me What Happened To My Parents"

21 January 2019, 06:00

John and Susan Cooper

Kelly Ormerod from Lancashire says she fears she'll never find out what killed her mum and dad.

A Lancashire woman whose parents died on holiday in Egypt says she needs officials here to step in and help her get answers.
Four months on Kelly Ormerod from Burnley says she is no closer to finding out what caused the deaths of John and Susan Cooper in Hurghada in August.
Kelly and her three children had joined her parents on a family trip. They were staying at the Aqua Magic hotel, Kelly says up until the morning of 21st August, they'd been having a fantastic time, she said:
"We'd been there about a week and had a really good holiday, we couldn't have faulted much about it but obviously what happened, happened. I wouldn't be going back there again.
"The morning they were taken ill, me and my daughter went to the bedroom because they'd not come down for breakfast like they normally would do, I opened the door to see my dad not very well at all and then going into the room I saw that my mum was exactly same.
"What went on in that room is something that nobody should ever have to go through, nobody should have to look at. I'm trying to get over what happened in that room but that's a memory that is with me forever, it  was horrific, horrendous and I'm trying to deal with that as best I can but at the end of the day they both died on that holiday and it should never have happened".
In the days that followed the deaths of John and Susan Egyptian authorities carried out post mortem tests, Kelly has never seen the results despite requests from her and the coroner here. Tests carried out in the UK proved inconclusive. Officials in Egypt had claimed that E-Coli had led to their deaths after Thomas Cook revealed high levels of the bacteria were found at the hotel, Kelly has never believed this to be true.
The mum of three says she is now running out of hope of getting to the truth and she needs someone from the government to take up her case and push for answers, she says she's had little support and has been left to chase Egyptian authorities herself, she says there is not enough help for families whose loved ones have died abroad:
"I need to get people on board with me to start some kind of campaign. Is there someone in government who has a bit more sway that can help me because we do desperately need answers. I'm getting absolutely no support from any kind of British authority at all. You'd think someone of authority over here would be able to help but I've had nothing and I feel very let down".
FCO spokesperson said:
"Kelly and her family have our deepest sympathy at what continues to be an uncertain and upsetting time. We have been assisting her since we were notified of Mr and Mrs Cooper's deaths, conveying requests from Kelly and the UK coroner to the Egyptian authorities, and stressing the need for a thorough and timely investigation."
For Kelly she just hopes that she and her family are given answers soon so they can try to move on:
"For the sake of the kids I have to push the emotions to one side and get on with it but it's been awful".