Summer Safety Campaign Launched In Cumbria

11 July 2019, 08:01 | Updated: 11 July 2019, 08:05

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It's in a bid to keep revellers safe through the summer months.

Cumbria Police have launched a campaign that will run over the summer focusing on providing safety advice. 
The campaign will run until the end of August and will cover a wide range of areas of personal safety.
As the summer holidays fast approach and social calendars fill up, police want to encourage the public to take simple steps to enjoy a safe summer.
The Constabulary's social media platforms will publish videos offering practical safety advice. Also highlighted will be how police work with partner agencies and valuable schemes, such as Ask for Angela and Street Angels, to help keep people safe. 
The Constabulary will also want to hear views and ideas from the public around how to keep safe when on a night out or at festivals. Social media polls will run over the next two months to gain this insight.
Ahead of the county's biggest music festival, Kendal Calling, a Geofilter will be available to revellers. Further festival-specific advice will be issued in the build-up and during the event.
The campaign will also include a free prize draw, ran on the Cumbria Police Facebook account, focused on public safety advice.
Superintendent Justin Bibby said:
"Cumbria is one of the safest places in the UK to live and visit which is something we are very proud of. Running campaigns like this are so important to raise awareness and spark conversations.
"Personal safety is vital and should be a natural consideration as part of any plan. Small steps can make a big difference. Some of the advice we provide might seem like common sense, but it can be easy to forget something important when you're having a great time.
"This is advice and not a guarantee, but making sure you make yourself as safe as you can with little effort will mean you are not as vulnerable. Share these measures with your friends and family, look out for each other and talk about personal safety and your plans."
Whether it is online, at an event like an agricultural show or festival, out on nights out or on a date, there are steps everyone can take to improve their personal safety. They include:

·      Plan your day/night out including how to get home
·      If you are meeting someone for the first time, please make sure it is in a public place. Always have an exit strategy to get out of a situation if you are uncomfortable (consider checking if a pub/bar has the Ask for Angela scheme before arranging where to meet someone for the first time)
·      If you are out alone, tell friends and family where you will be and update them if your plans change
·      Make sure you stay with your friends. If you become separated, pre-arrange a meeting place at the end of the night - look out for each other
·      Take your mobile phone with you and make sure it is charged
·      Be sensible about how much alcohol you drink and pace yourself - a drunk person is much more vulnerable and a far easier target for criminals
·      Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water,  hot temperatures and alcohol can leave you dehydrated and requiring medical attention
·      Watch your drinks - do not give anyone the opportunity to alter them with other substances. If you leave a drink unattended then do not go back to it
·      Think about what you have had to drink - If you feel very drunk or unwell after just a small amount then ask a trusted friend or a member of the club / pub management for help
·      Do not take drugs or New Psychoactive Substances
·      Make sure you have enough money left at the end of the night to pay for your journey home
·      Only take the personal items with you that you need, and keep valuables out of site
·      Never engage in violence, one punch can kill. If a situation starts to escalate walk away, find a staff member for support or contact the police.