Three More Charged In County Line Op

17 January 2019, 12:17

Cumbria Police

Three more people have been charged in Cumbria Police's crackdown on county line drug dealing.

That's where big city gangs target more remote areas.

The latest people to appear in court as a result of Operation Horizon are a teenager from London, and a man and woman from Barrow.

In total, 22 people have now been charged, with 32 arrests.

T/Superintendent, Matt Pearman, said: “Operation Horizon was put in place to help address the high number of drugs deaths that Barrow experienced from the end of 2017 into 2018 and to tackle those criminals who cause misery by supplying drugs in our communities.

“Those concerned with county line drug dealing do not care whose lives are ruined. Their trade revolves around keeping people using, exploiting addicts and vulnerable people such as those experiencing depression or desperation. Each time someone takes an illegal drug they are putting their lives at risk; they are unregulated substances and no one can tell what is in them.

“For anyone reading this in the community who is experiencing issues with substance abuse, there is help out there. We work closely with partners including, Unity, The Well, CADAS and Women’s Community Matters, who all provide quality support for those looking to get out of the cycle of drug use.

“If you feel you are being exploited by those involved in drug dealing, I would urge you to contact police now. We are here to support you.”