Beat The Chasers fans gobsmacked as contestant claims he 'sells drugs for a living'

28 April 2020, 07:58

Beat the Chasers' first contestant says he sells drugs for a living

The cheeky claim made people stop and think for a second, as technically, he wasn't lying!

Beat The Chasers kicked off on ITV last night, with the quiz show going down a treat with avid viewers of its sister show, The Chase.

And some of those fans couldn't believe what they'd heard after one of the contestants made the bold confession that he "sells drugs for a living".

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Bradley Walsh and contestant Bradley Kingston on last night's episode
Bradley Walsh and contestant Bradley Kingston on last night's episode. Picture: ITV

Some were concerned that he'd ruined his chances at playing the game, as he told host Bradley Walsh about his profession, but - you guessed it - he was a pharmacist.

The man in question, Barney Kingston was the first guest to up against all of the well-known chasers including The Beast, The Vixen and the Dark Destroyer, and it led to an explosive episode.

When asked what he does for a living by host Bradley, the contestant replied: "Well, I sell drugs for a living, don't I?".

The contestant's claim made everyone laugh
The contestant's claim made everyone laugh. Picture: ITV

The show's studio audience then burst into shocked laughter by the claim, but the contestant made it clear he deals with the pharmaceutical kind of drugs.

He added: "That might have been taken up the wrong way actually.

"I only deal with pharmaceutical drugs, the good and legal kind.

The cheeky contestant puzzled fans with his initial claim, with many taking to Twitter to state that he doesn't look like someone who would sell drugs.

Bradley joked around with the contestant
Bradley joked around with the contestant. Picture: ITV

One said: "Well that's a the most well dressed drug dealer I have ever seen!" while another added: "That man looks so well put together.

"He simply cannot sell drugs for a living? This must be a mistake!"

Another stated: "Brave man saying that he sells drugs for a job. That could have been taken up completely the wrong way!".

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