Coronation Street abuse storyline spoilers: Will Geoff die as Yasmeen is charged with attempted murder?

18 March 2020, 12:42

Will Geoff die on Coronation Street?
Will Geoff die on Coronation Street? Picture: ITV

Will Coronation Street's Geoff die? And will Yasmeen end up in prison? Find out everything...

Coronation Street viewers were disgusted earlier this week after Geoff Metcalfe stepped up his abuse of wife Yasmeen.

For months, Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) has been bullying Yasmeen (Shelley King) as part of a powerful coercive control storyline.

But as Yasmeen gears up to fight back, what will happen to Geoff, and will he die? Find out everything…

Will Geoff die in Coronation Street?

According to The Sun, Geoff will push Yasmeen too far in the coming weeks, and she will attempt to escape his clutches.

But things don’t go to plan and Yasmeen is charged with attempted murder - this suggests Geoff isn’t killed.

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Is Yasmeen going to prison in Coronation Street?

It is thought that Yasmeen will find herself in prison for trying to kill her husband.

Will the truth of Geoff’s evil abuse finally come to light? Viewers will have to tune in to find out what happens.

This comes after Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya Nazir finally confronted Geoff over his behaviour.

But worried that the extent of his behaviour would be discovered, he later forced Yasmeen to promise she’d cut Alya out of her life.

Alya confronted Geoff over his behaviour
Alya confronted Geoff over his behaviour. Picture: ITV

Telling his wife he was going to leave her, Geoff fumed: “Alya was right, I should be the one to leave. This marriage is broken, she’s dead to me.”

Desperate to keep Geoff happy, Yasmeen said: “Me too!”, before adding: “If she can’t be happy when I’m happy and if she can’t trust me when I swear I’m telling the truth then I’m done with her.

“I’ll cut my ties with her if it means I can keep you, yes.”

And it looks as though viewers were horrified by the scenes, as one wrote: “..oh Yasmeen!!!!! Nooooooooo dont cut alya out of your life for grrrrrrr Geoff. ... Once again grrrr Geoff creating grrrrrrrr grrrrrr at the TV again!!!!!”

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