Coronation Street fans shocked as Sally Metcalfe accidentally lets slip very rude word

30 May 2019, 10:46 | Updated: 30 May 2019, 11:05

Sally made an x-rated comment on Corrie
Sally made an x-rated comment on Corrie. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Corrie viewers were left in stitches by Sally's X-rated word.

As the factory collapse storyline continues to heat up, Coronation Street fans got some light relief on Wednesday when Sally Metcalfe made a hilarious comment.

Sally invited her friends round for fancy dinner party, but as her guests complimented how lovely her home was, she said something rather X-rated.

During a conversation about carpets, she remarked: “And the carpet was a steal - it’s got a two inch pile.

“And there's not a woman alive who doesn't crave a deeper sh** but we've all got to make the best of what we've got.”

Obviously, her comment was referencing the depth of her rug - but that didn’t stop fans rushing to Twitter in hysterics.

One said: "Go on sally! You aren't wrong there #corrie"

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"Corrie taking full advantage of the late time slot,” said another, while a third commented: “Nearly spat my dinner out... Sally’s one liners are amazing !! #CoronationStreet”

Another said: “Sally on #CoronationStreet speaking for the female population of the world 😂”

And a fifth chipped in: “Oh Sally 🤣🤣 #CoronationStreet”

This comes after the show was criticised earlier this week for turning into a ‘Carry on Film’.

The ITV soap has seemingly taken a more light-hearted tone in recent weeks following a string of intense storylines such as Bethany Platt's grooming drama.

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Clearly not happy with the added touch of humour, one person wrote on Twitter: “It is just silly now – like a Carry on Film but without the excellent actors of the comic timing.”

Another said: “What’s happening to this show?? It’s like a comedy show!”

And a third viewer added: “My fave soap is on the decline really really quickly get some good script writers in fast it’s become farce not weekly drama.”