Coronation Street fans shocked as Max Turner 'changes overnight'

17 September 2021, 08:21

Coronation Street has recast Max Turner
Coronation Street has recast Max Turner. Picture: ITV/Twitter

Who plays Max Turner in Coronation Street and why has he changed? Find out everything...

Coronation Street fans were shocked this week when David Platt's son Max Turner turned up looking a little different.

Actor Paddy Bever made his debut after replacing Harry McDermott.

Clocking the major cast shake up, a Corrie fan said on Twitter: "Max has rocked up. Looking 6 years older and gaining a fantastic taste in trainers. #Corrie ".

Max has been recast in Coronation Street
Max has been recast in Coronation Street. Picture: ITV

Another said: "So Max has gone from a 14 year old kid, to a 20 year old adult in a few months. What's David been putting in that lads orange juice? #Corrie ".

While a third added: “How can they just change Max like that and think we won’t notice… #coronationstreet.”

So, who plays Max Turner and why has he changed? Here’s what we know…

Who plays Max Turner in Coronation Street?

Paddy Bever now plays Max in Corrie, after the character was recast earlier this year.

Harry McDermott previously played the role after joining the soap in 2010.

Harry McDermott played Max for 11 years
Harry McDermott played Max for 11 years. Picture: ITV

He was part of some major storylines including Max's ADHD diagnosis and his relationship with his father Callum Logan.

Harry was last seen at Christmas when David and Shona Platt recreated their wedding.

New Corrie actor Paddy made his debut on Thursday, September 16 where he was seen at school as Daniel Osbourne began his teaching placement.

It looks as though Max is ready to cause some trouble as played up in class and answered back to Daniel.

Why has Max changed in Coronation Street?

It’s thought Max has been recast because his storyline will be taking a different direction later this year.

A spokesperson for Coronation Street told “We have all watched Harry grow up alongside Max Turner for the past 11 years and we want to thank him for everything he has brought to the character.

“It is always a difficult decision to recast a role and we look forward to following Harry’s career as he continues with his acting studies and explores other opportunities. We wish him every success for the future.”