Gemma Collins APOLOGISED to Saira Khan after she was eliminated from Dancing On Ice

4 February 2019, 10:00 | Updated: 4 February 2019, 15:17

Matt Evers revealed Gemma Collins apologised to Saira Khan
Matt Evers revealed Gemma Collins apologised to Saira Khan. Picture: ITV/Heart
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Evers told Heart that The GC told the Loose Women star that she was sorry she was voted off - after her own terrible performance.

Gemma Collins APOLOGISED to Saira Khan after she was booted off Dancing On Ice... and she survived for another week.

Speaking on Monday's Heart London Breakfast, the Towie star's professional partner revealed that she felt so bad for staying in the competition after her lacklustre performance that she sought out the Loose Women star to say sorry.

Matt said: "After the show Gemma went up to Saira and said ‘I’m sorry it should have been me this week’.

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"She really did feel bad as she knew that Saira gave an incredible performance.

"But up against Ryan Sidebottom, he just smashed that. So unfortunately for Saira she got voted out last night."

A lot of viewers suspected that Gemma, 38, stayed to skate another week due to shady dealings behind the scenes - and claimed they found evidence that the show was 'fixed' after Philip Schofield appeared to tell Gemma she would be back for show six.

Gemma and Matt were scored poorly after their shaky performance
Gemma and Matt were scored poorly after their shaky performance. Picture: ITV

However, Matt says that it's totally untrue - and that the show is so closely regulated that it would be impossible to rig it.

He said: "He was consoling her. This show is not fixed.

"We're checked by the government. People spend their hard earned money voting for us, there is no way it’s fixed."

Over the next few days Matt will be focusing on getting Gemma's confidence back after a nasty tumble last week led to her injuring her knees.

He explained: "When you are in that extreme performance mode, you don't remember the performance. It's called the achievement zone. That's what happened.

"She thought she blacked out. She didn't necessarily black out in a medical sense.

"You're starting to see Gemma. The tears, the emotion, the low confidence. That was part of my goal when I was told I was getting the GC.

"You want to see the GC on the ice, but if we had the GC every week. People would get bored.

"She has battled so much through he course of her career, her life. It is physically hard for her."

Speaking about her elimination from the skating show on Loose Women, Saira confirmed that Gemma has indeed apologised to her.

Speaking to her fellow Loose Women panelists she said: “I’ve got to give credit where credit’s due, she [Gemma] came up to me last night and said, ‘I should have been in the skate-off not you’.

"She did say that, honestly. She knows it. But look, it’s a TV show. It’s about performance and people are keeping her in.

"Whatever you think of her, I want to watch her on the ice. I want to know what she does next. This is where it’s TV versus a skating show.”

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