EastEnders fans fear for Bex Fowler's life as she drops phone in the bath sparking suicide rumours

17 September 2019, 15:39

Was the mobile mishap a blunder or a sign of a darker storyline to come for the distressed teen?

Eastenders viewers were left fearing for Bex Fowler's life when she dropped her phone in the bath during an emotional scene in last night's episode.

The anxious teenager, who has been under a lot of pressure since becoming dependent on ADHD drugs, sparked suicide rumours when she was filmed in the water looking at photos on her mobile with a downtrodden look on her face.

The clearly upset student flicked through images with a wet finger and appeared deep in thought.

Then, just before she submerged her head under the surface, she let her phone slip into the water prompting soap fans to hit Twitter to discuss her mental health.

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The downtrodden student has been struggling to cope in recent months.
The downtrodden student has been struggling to cope in recent months. Picture: BBC

One concerned fan wrote: "Rahhh why Bex wanna drown herself in the bathtub"

"That scene with bex going underwater in the bath..... I feel a suicide coming," added another.

"Are we heading towards a attempted suicide/depression story with bex," said a third.

Despite a string of heavy comments questioning what's in store for Martin Fowler and Sonia Jackson's daughter, many made light of the act of carelessness and some even believed it was a mistake by producers.

"Shocking scenes in @bbceastenders tonight as they kill-off Bex Fowler's mobile phone," joked one fan.

While another wrote: "Eh? Why did Bex just plunge her phone into the bath?"

"Bex is gonna need a bowl of rice for her phone," added a third.

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Bex let her phone plop in the bath before she sunk under the surface.
Bex let her phone plop in the bath before she sunk under the surface. Picture: BBC

Bex has been under increasing strain since being rejected by Kush after she tried to seduce him and has been avoiding all talk of going to university after getting into Oxford.

The character, played by Jasmine Armfield, has also been struggling with the anniversary of Shakil Kazemi’s death along with exam stress and problems with medication.

Although things don't look good for the distressed teen, Jasmine previously admitted she relishes her dramatic storylines.

Speaking to metro.co.uk, she said: "Finding the storylines that are relatable and that young kids can relate to is so important.

"A lot of kids don’t know whether to go to university or stay at home. That is a real struggle. So it is great and I think some kids will definitely find it helpful."

EastEnders continues on Monday on BBC One at 8pm.