Eastenders Lucy Beale actress, Hetti Bywater reveals shock body transformation

14 February 2019, 11:46 | Updated: 14 February 2019, 11:51

Hetti Bywater
Hetti Bywater showed off her toned figure . Picture: BBC/IG

The actress famed for her role as Lucy Beale in the iconic soap hit back at bodyshaters on Instagram.

Hetti Bywater has hit out at her followers for body shaming her after she posted a flaunting her tiny figure in a revealing animal print bikini on Instagram.

The former Eastenders actress was targeted by trolls who branded her 'ill' and 'anorexic' in vile comments after sharing the picture to her 93,000 Instagram followers.

Some even accused the actress of editing her photos, with one adding: "Zoom on the hips and you can see the edit artefacts left behind through post-edit rendering. Don't hide it, you're projecting a fictitious body image! Sad."

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Hours later, Hetti lashed out at the comments, many of which she deleted, and said she would continue deleting any negative ones.

In an Insta-story, she said: "Does everyone have to be so [bleep] negative on Instagram? Let people be. It's not your life, so calm the [bleep] down."Also, to the people saying my hips are photoshopped, hahaa, I've always always had wide hips. It runs in my family. I will from now on be deleting any comments that are rude or negative. Purely because, a girl doesn't have time for that. Thanks, bye."

Hetti Bywater
Hetti Bywater as Lucy Beale. Picture: Eastenders BBC

The star later thanked her loyal fans for their support as she added: "I can't reply to all of you guys. But I just wanted to say, thanks for being kind people and promoting positivity."I'm very grateful, you guys are what makes it worth it."

Hetti Bywater played Lucy Bealefor three years before her character was killed off spurring on a whodunnit storyline.