EastEnders fans shocked at what's really in Jean's 'sausage surprise'

21 March 2019, 10:48 | Updated: 21 March 2019, 10:56

Jean Slater dishes up sausage surprise for Shirley Carter
Jean Slater dishes up sausage surprise for Shirley Carter. Picture: BBC

Jean Slater's signature dish is almost as iconic as Walford's Queen Vic pub, but fans had NO IDEA what was in it until last night's episode...

EastEnders fans have finally discovered what is in Jean Slater's signature dish 'sausage surprise' - and they're not impressed.

The Walford favourite has been crowing "sausage surprise!" across the dinner table for the last ELEVEN years, but fans had no idea what she was dishing up... until now.

On last night's episode, the likeable cleaner - who is battling cancer - was seen pulling one of her iconic dinners from the oven at the Queen Vic, but it turned out to be bangers, mash and beans.

Fans were shocked to see beans, bangers and mash
Fans were shocked to see beans, bangers and mash. Picture: BBC

Jean, played by Gillian Wright, decided to whip up one of her stodgy dinners as a thank you to the Carter family, who are letting her stay with them as she battles breast cancer.

Linda seemed less than keen on the dinner plans, prompting Shirley to hiss that she had "gone to a lot of effort".

People at home didn't agree, with one tweeting: "Sausage surprise without gravy!?!? Looks rank #EastEnders"

Other disappointed fans quipped, "So we've just discovered #SausageSurprise is just sausage mash and beans #JeanSlater #Eastenders; and “So that’s what the sausage surprise looks like???!!!”- Not quite what I had in mind for “Bangers en Mash, though, haha!!!"

For those who love their dinner to double up as a visual feast, sausage surprise seems like it would be easy to recreate at home.

Simply layer beans, mash - substitute with sweet potato if you're feeling fancy - and then adorn with a few (burnt) sausages poking out of the top.