Is Linda Carter pregnant in EastEnders?

27 April 2021, 15:14

EastEnders viewers are convinced Linda Carter is pregnant
EastEnders viewers are convinced Linda Carter is pregnant. Picture: BBC

Is Linda in EastEnders pregnant and is Max Branning the dad?

EastEnders' Linda Carter could be faced with a shock discovery this week following her affair with Max Branning.

Kellie Bright’s character had a short lived romance with Max (Jake Wood) last year after being rejected by husband Mick Carter (Danny Dyer).

When Mick finally opened up to Linda about his historic sexual abuse, she called things off with Max and chose to support her husband.

But now it looks like Linda’s past is catching up with her, as she admitted she thinks she might be pregnant.

So, is EastEnders’ Linda pregnant? Here’s what we know…

Linda Carter thinks she might be pregnant in EastEnders
Linda Carter thinks she might be pregnant in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Is Linda Carter pregnant in EastEnders?

It is not yet clear whether Linda Carter is pregnant.

At the start of the week, Linda clashes with her daughter Nancy (Maddy Hill) over a big, but mysterious decision she made.

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While Mick manages to diffuse the situation, Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) later spots Nancy going to the doctor and tells Mick and Linda.

Unable to stop her meddling, Linda then calls the doctor pretending to be her daughter and goes to the clinic.

While speaking to Nancy’s doctor, she suddenly feels faint and has to admit to the doctor that she thinks she could be pregnant.

So, are Linda’s suspicions correct? And will she be forced to tell Mick the truth?

“Is Linda pregnant? #EastEnders,” one person wrote on Twitter, while another said: “Mark my words, linda off #EastEnders is pregnant.”

A third said: “if linda is pregnant i can bet on the baby being Max’s,” while a fourth added: “Pleassssse let it be Max’s baby if Linda Carter is pregnant!

“EastEnders pushed that affair aside so quick so that Mick & Linda could play happy family. I want more repercussions.”

Is Kellie Bright pregnant in real life?

Yes, Linda Carter actress Kellie Bright is expecting a baby.

The EastEnders star recently announced she's pregnant again after undergoing IVF.

Speaking about the exciting news, the 44-year-old said she wanted to be open about her pregnancy journey to help others who might be going through the same thing.

She told OK! magazine: "I want to be open and honest about this, because I think it's important for younger women to understand.”

Kellie and her husband Paul Stocker are expecting their third child together in August 2021.

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