EastEnders confirms serial killer Lucas Johnson is set to make shock return

2 October 2020, 08:31

Lucas Johnson is returning to EastEnders
Lucas Johnson is returning to EastEnders. Picture: BBC
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Don Gilet will be reprising his role as Lucas Johnson on EastEnders later this year.

Things are about to get very dramatic over in Walford, as EastEnders’ infamous serial killer Lucas Johnson is making a shock return.

Viewers will remember Lucas - played by actor Don Gilet - as the preacher turned murderer who brutally killed is currently serving a life sentence for murdering five people.

During his reign of terror in the Square, he raked to death his ex Trina and killed Denise Fox’s abusive husband Owen.

The evil villain even tried to finish off ex Denise (Diane Parish), after holding her captive in a damp basement for months and framing her for his murders.

Don Gilet is returning as Lucas Johnson
Don Gilet is returning as Lucas Johnson. Picture: BBC

Luckily, she managed to escape and expose him and he was sent down for life.

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But after four years away from Walford, Lucas is set to bring hell to Denise’s life once more, with the BBC Tweeting: "Don Gilet is returning to Walford as one of E20’s most notorious bad guys, Lucas Johnson, later in the year.

"Four years after he left The Square his comeback is set to cause shockwaves amongst the residents. Has his time inside done him any good? #EastEnders #BigReturn"

And it looks like actor Don is as excited as the rest of us about reprising his role, as he told The Sun Online: “I’m thrilled and honoured to be asked to breathe life once again into such a complex, controversial and divisive character but, most importantly, to have another opportunity to work alongside one of the UK’s finest actors, Diane Parish. I feel blessed.”

The murderer was last seen on the soap when he tried to escape prison back in 2016.

His ex Denise and her daughter Libby managed to stop him in his tracks, but it looks like he succeeds this time around.

Revealing details about his comeback, a source told The Sun: “Lucas’ return is going to be explosive - not least for Denise.

“Her world is going to be turned upside down when her killer ex walks back into her life.

“It’s going to spark to a major storyline that will run and run and the question will be - is Lucas reformed?"

Executive producer Jon Sen added: “Bringing back Don to the Square has been on our wish list for some time now as there’s definitely some unfinished business with Lucas and he certainly hasn’t let Denise go.

“His reign of terror put him firmly up there with Walford’s biggest villains and I can’t wait for audiences to watch his return unfold.”

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