EastEnders Stacey Fowler spoilers: What did she do and will she go to prison?

23 September 2020, 12:58 | Updated: 23 September 2020, 14:17

Stacey Fowler is back on EastEnders
Stacey Fowler is back on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

What did Stacey do in EastEnders and why did she leave Walford? Find out everything...

Stacey Slater finally made her return to EastEnders last week after actress Lacey Turner took some time off to look after her new baby.

But despite only arriving in Walford a few days ago, it looks like Stacey is already causing drama as former best mate Ruby Allen is threatening to call the police on her.

So, what did Stacey do in EastEnders and will she go to prison? Here’s what we know…

What has Stacey done in EastEnders?

On September 22, Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) was seen telling Stacey to pay back the money she owes, or she’ll end up in prison.

Stacey Slater is back in Walford after a year away from EastEnders
Stacey Slater is back in Walford after a year away from EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Ruby was a victim of fraud and lost a lot of money when someone stole her identity, with the mystery criminal now revealed as Stacey.

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Stacey denied the accusations, but she turned up wearing a very expensive outfit so Ruby knew she was lying.

Ruby then threatened to call the police, but Martin Fowler (James Bye) managed to convince her against it, worried he’d miss out on time with his daughter if Stacey ran away again.

Determined to get her money back, Ruby has told Stacey she needs to return everything she owes otherwise she will press charges.

Why did Stacey leave EastEnders?

Stacey made an emotional exit from Walford back August 2019 after she attacked Phil Mitchell with a spanner when she found him choking her husband Martin to death.

After leaving him for dead, Stacey and Martin had to go on the run to make sure they didn’t end up in prison.

However, Martin made a surprise return in October 2019 following his daughter Bex’s (Jasmine Armfield) suicide attempt.

Meanwhile, Lacey, 32, welcomed a baby girl called Daisy with her husband Matt in July last year.

The pair have been together since they were teenagers and tied the knot in 2017.

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