Emmerdale viewers left baffled over blunder as no one in the village sees Cain's garage being wrecked

13 March 2020, 15:03

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Cain was left shocked as his garage was trashed on this week's Emmerdale, but how comes no one heard it happen?

Emmerdale fans were left confused this week as they spotted a blunder on the hit ITV soap.

It was during the moment Cain realised his garage had been wrecked that fans of the show started to question why no one in the village had heard the commotion.

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In the scenes, the garage – which is located in the centre of the village – had been trashed, with tyres laying outside the open shop.

Fans questioned why no one heard or saw the garage being trashed
Fans questioned why no one heard or saw the garage being trashed. Picture: ITV

Viewers took to social media to question how no one could have seen or heard the commotion, caused by Cain's nemesis DI Malone.

One person wrote: "That garage gets turned over in that tiny village and no one saw/heard anything??!!! #Emmerdale", while another added: "So the garage in the middle of a village has been smashed to bits in broad daylight and no one saw it??"

A third commented: "A little village like #emmerdale and nobody saw or heard Caine's garage getting turned over?"

Cain and DI Malone are currently wrapped in a feud
Cain and DI Malone are currently wrapped in a feud. Picture: ITV

The scenes happened amid Cain's feud with new bad-boy DI Malone.

The new character appears to be out to cause trouble as he also had Cain's ex Moria targeted, getting the bull on her farm killed.

DI Malone is currently investigating the death of Nate, Cain's long-lost son who he accidentally shot.

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