Emmerdale fans blast soap for 'laughable' horse riding accident as 'unconscious' Millie is laughing

25 September 2019, 15:46

The horse knocked Millie unconscious (apparently)
The horse knocked Millie unconscious (apparently). Picture: ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The young actress appeared to be giggling in the clip and viewers are NOT happy.

Emmerdale fans have been left raging after a scene from the ITV soap was branded "laughable" due to poor editing.

One of the young actresses who played Millie acted in a scene where's she's involved in a horrific accident with a horse, but instead of looking unconscious, a clip of the actress showed her smiling.

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The scene didn't convince viewers, who branded it as "tripe" due to poor editing for not noticing the fact the young Millie Tate looked happy laying on the grass.

Drama started kicking off when Jamie, who believes he is Millie's father, was cantering on the horse and came towards her on a badly-behaved horse he'd already been warned about.

The horse, Blaze, got spooked as he approached the child and veered up, nearly dismounting Jamie but knocking Millie over unconscious.

The scene shows Millie on the floor, smirking
The scene shows Millie on the floor, smirking. Picture: ITV

The scene was meant to be very traumatising but fans at home took to Twitter in their fury to rant about how unconvincing it was.

One said: "That 'horse accident' scene on #emmerdale was the biggest load of tripe I've ever seen in my life, not realistic at all.

"Even the 'knocked out' girl on the floor was smiling absolutely terrible!"

Another added: ""Only exciting thing to happen is when Millie went and lied by the side of the pony."