How old is Faith Dingle in Emmerdale and who is the actress playing her?

30 June 2021, 09:13

Emmerdale's Faith Dingle is played by Sally Dexter
Emmerdale's Faith Dingle is played by Sally Dexter. Picture: ITV

What did Faith do to Cain in Emmerdale? And what do we know about actress Sally Dexter?

Faith Dingle made her dramatic return to Emmerdale earlier this year, and has been causing trouble for Cain and Chas.

The character, played by actress Sally Dexter, left the Dales two years ago, but fans were shocked to see her back.

One wrote on Twitter: "Faith and that reveal scared the hell out me #emmerdale."

Another added: "I'm so happy about this! Welcome back Sally Dexter #Emmerdale."

But how old is Faith Dingle and what did she do to Cain?

How old is Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle?

It is not clear exactly how old Faith Dingle is, but Sally Dexter who plays her is 61-years-old.

Faith Dingle is back on Emmerdale
Faith Dingle is back on Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Faith is the ex-wife of Shadrach Dingle and the mother of Cain and Chas Dingle.

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She first appeared in the soap back in 2000, originally portrayed by actress Gillian Jephcott.

But the Dingle matriarch returned as a regular character in February 2017, this time played by Sally Dexter.

Who is actress Sally Dexter?

Sally is a well known actress and has had a very successful West End career.

In 1987 she won the Olivier Award for Most Promising Newcomer for Dalliance, with her other stage credits including the musicals Oliver!, Sister Act , and Billy Elliot the Musical.

Sally Dexter is a star of stage and screen
Sally Dexter is a star of stage and screen. Picture: PA Images

TV fans may also recognise her for starring in ITV soap opera Night and Day, as well as BBC TV series’ Father Brown and Poldark.

What did Faith do to Cain in Emmerdale?

Faith Dingle was forced to leave Emmerdale in 2017 after it was revealed she kept Nate (Jurell Carter) a secret from Cain (Jeff Hordley).

Nate turned up in the Dales to seek revenge on his dad for abandoning him, despite Cain having no idea he had another son.

They both later realised Faith knew the whole time but hadn't told son Cain that Nate existed.

Cain was left furious and told his mum that he never wanted to see her again.

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