Emmerdale fans convinced killer Meena will finally be found out as Ethan's mum returns

8 October 2021, 09:43 | Updated: 8 October 2021, 09:53

Emmerdale viewers think Meena will soon be found out
Emmerdale viewers think Meena will soon be found out. Picture: ITV

Will Ethan's mum expose Meena in Emmerdale? Here's what we know...

Emmerdale introduced a new character this week in the form of Ethan Anderson's mum Esme.

Ethan arrived in the soap with his dad Charles last year, with viewers learning that his mum left them when he was a child.

But now fans of the soap are convinced her debut will be the start of killer Meena Jutla's downfall and her evil ways will finally be exposed.

Esme has arrived in Emmerdale
Esme has arrived in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

You might remember Meena played a cruel trick on Ethan earlier this year when she pretended to be his estranged mum.

While Ethan believed he had her number and was messaging her, it was actually Meena on the other end of the phone.

After speaking for a while, Ethan was devastated when his ‘mum’ didn’t turn up to meet him.

But with Esme returning to reunite with her son, fans think she will expose Meena as a liar.

One person said on Twitter: "Is this going to be the beginning of the end for Meena? I so hope so. Catch her out for her treatment of Ethan and see her off. Misery?? It's been done already. Shame on Emmerdale."

Will Meena finally be found out in Emmerdale?
Will Meena finally be found out in Emmerdale? Picture: ITV

Someone else pointed out: "It was Meena who messaged Ethan not her Charles."

While a third added: "And now the cracks begin in Meena's downfall. Hopefully Ethan, will be more alert than Victoria, when he finds out that his mother Esme, didn't send those messages."

Who plays Ethan's mum in Emmerdale ?

Ethan's mother is played by actress Eva Fontaine, and TV fans might recognise her from other shows.

She is best known for playing Faith Walker on Doctors between 2001 and 2006.

The actress has also previously starred in Holby City, Casualty, as well as EastEnders in 2019.

In 2018 and 2019, Eva also starred in Emmerdale as a consultant and Dr Hamley.