Emmerdale viewers 'work out' Joe Tate return twist

1 October 2021, 09:37 | Updated: 1 October 2021, 15:53

Emmerdale viewers think Joe Tate will return
Emmerdale viewers think Joe Tate will return. Picture: ITV

Is Joe Tate coming back to Emmerdale 2021? Viewers think they've worked out how he will return...

Emmerdale fans are convinced Joe Tate is returning to Emmerdale as part of a storyline involving Chloe.

Joe - played by Ned Porteous - in the ITV soap, was last seen when he was left for dead by Graham Foster, who couldn’t bear to kill him.

But there are now some rumours flying around that he will be back on our screens very soon and is actually related to Chloe.

Joe Tate was left for dead in Emmerdale
Joe Tate was left for dead in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Chloe recently arrived claiming to be the sister of Gemma, who donated her heart to Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) after dying in a car accident.

With many people questioning whether Chloe is telling the truth about her identity, one fan said on Facebook: "I think her dad or brother is Joe Tate, as he went away for some time!"

Someone else Tweeted: “@emmerdale I got a feeling that Chloe is Zoe tates daughter and paves the way for Joe Tate to come back.”

A third added: “My guessing Is that Chloe Is Joe Tate’s Daughter.”

Emmerdale viewers are suspicious of Chloe
Emmerdale viewers are suspicious of Chloe. Picture: ITV

There’s a lot going on in the Tate family at the moment, after Jamie (Alex Lincoln) plunged his car into a lake.

After veering off the road, Jamie’s car was seen sinking to the bottom of the lake with no sign of movement.

Later in the week, Kim received a phone call from the detective in charge of Jamie’s case.

Kim asked: “Have you found him, or not?”, with the detective replying: “Sadly not, and we’ve decided all things considered, it’s time to wrap up the search.”

But Kim is now convinced her son is alive and well after she received a bunch of flowers which had a note signed ‘J’,

But could this gesture actually be from Joe Tate instead?

Jamie Tate's car plunges into water in shock Emmerdale scenes

Jamie Tate's car plunged into a lake in Emmerdale
Jamie Tate's car plunged into a lake in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Meanwhile, Emmerdale fans are becoming increasingly suspicious of Chloe, with many convinced she has something to hide.

After refusing to answer specific questions about Gemma, she said everything has to stay secret because her dad will ban her from seeing Sarah if he finds out.

When Noah Dingle then revealed he liked her, Chloe told him she was a lesbian and said she fell in love with a friend who didn’t feel the same way.

Some fans this Chloe could be Gemma’s ex-girlfriend, with one writing: "Don't believe Chloe she doesn't answer questions about certain things. And sounds like makes stuff up on spot. She's deffo suss."

A second said: "Taking a punt Chloe isn’t Gemma’s sister, but ‘the friend’ she just mentioned."