Is Tracy Metcalfe in Emmerdale pregnant?

21 October 2020, 11:58 | Updated: 21 October 2020, 12:03

Tracy in Emmerdale is pregnant with Nate's baby
Tracy in Emmerdale is pregnant with Nate's baby. Picture: ITV

Is Tracy in Emmerdale pregnant? Here’s what we know about the character and actress Amy Walsh...

Tracy Metcalfe has had a tough time in Emmerdale over the past few days, after learning that Nate Robinson is going to hand himself into the police.

The cleaner - played by actress Amy Walsh - was devastated when Cain Dingle told her that Nate had decided to falsely confess to the hit and run on Moira to save his aunt Belle.

But while watching the drama unfold, Emmerdale fans were left confused by Tracy’s growing bump.

So is Tracy pregnant and what do we know about actress Amy Walsh?

Tracy found out she was pregnant in July
Tracy found out she was pregnant in July. Picture: ITV

Is Tracy Metcalfe in Emmerdale pregnant?

Tracy Metcalfe from Emmerdale is pregnant in the soap.

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Back in July, Tracy discovered the shock news that she was expecting a baby while getting her wrist treated in hospital.

Following a urine test, Tracy was stunned to learn that she’s carrying Nate’s baby.

The character had a scare with her pregnancy last month after she suffered from severe pains.

After clashing with Cain Dingle, she revealed she had a pain in her abdomen and the mechanic wasted no time in driving them to the hospital.

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Luckily, the baby was fine but viewers have recently noticed Tracy’s bump has grown a lot.

One tweeted: "Tracey's bump seems to have sprung up overnight #Emmerdale ".

Another said: "Tracey’s bump has gotten big. #Emmerdale ".

While a third added: " #Emmerdale Traceys bump has got bigger over the last two days??"

Is Amy Walsh pregnant in real life?

Amy Walsh is wearing a fake bump on Emmerdale and recently opened up about the excitement of her new prop.

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Multi tasking with my favourite twinnies! 🥰

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The 33-year-old actress said that she is ‘giddy’, telling The Sun: "I am a little bit buzzy, I tried on the bump the other day and I was really giddy about it!

"I will be wearing different clothes and changing the way I look. I’ve seen people work with babies and kids and it’s not easy.

"It adds another dimension to every scene you film. I’m looking forward to it."

Amy doesn't have any children of her own, but she is an auntie and said she has a natural maternal instinct.

She explained: "My sisters call me ‘the baby whisperer’ because I get them off to sleep straight away.

"I’ve got my little tactics that work every time so hopefully I can use that maternal instinct on the baby on set and keep them quiet and happy."

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