Who plays Marlon Dingle’s physio Kit in Emmerdale? Find out about Thoren Ferguson

10 June 2022, 08:43

Find out about Emmerdale star Thoren Ferguson
Find out about Emmerdale star Thoren Ferguson. Picture: ITV

Thoren Ferguson is currently playing Marlon Dingle’s physiotherapist in Emmerdale.

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Emmerdale fans have recently watched Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) slowly trying to recover after suffering from a stroke.

Feeling frustrated by his progress, Marlon recently clashed with his physiotherapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson).

Kit has been paying Marlon visits ever since he returned from hospital after his stroke.

But who plays him and what do we know about actor Thoren Ferguson? Here’s what we know…

Thoren Ferguson stars in Emmerdale
Thoren Ferguson stars in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Who is Thoren Ferguson?

Thoren Ferguson is an actor who has starred in many TV shows, films and stage productions over the years.

Viewers might recognise him for playing Bretton in the BBC series Vigil, and Eamon Gauldie in Shetland.

His other credits include The Midwich Cuckoos, Armchair Detectives and Logan High.

Meanwhile, he has also starred in movies such as Matriach and Blue Christmas and stage productions Lost at Sea and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Back on Emmerdale, Marlon was seen struggling to embrace Kit’s recovery ideas and felt he was pushing him too hard.

Marlon's physio in Emmerdale is played by Thoren Ferguson
Marlon's physio in Emmerdale is played by Thoren Ferguson. Picture: ITV

Kit knew he needed to give Marlon some space but later explained that he was only pushing Marlon to help with his recovery.

Talking to This Morning, Marlon actor Mark admitted he was concerned over the response to the story.

He said: "I was really nervous about the reaction because as we keep saying in all the interviews, no strokes are the same. So I was worried about the online response, but it's been remarkable actually.

"Even if Marlon's stroke wasn't like the stroke they had witnessed or experienced themselves, they've empathised with it."

He continued: "What has been the most amazing aspect of it, for me, it seems to have raised awareness to the point a sub community has gathered online, sharing their stories of stroke with each other. That's heartening."