Who is Moses' dad in Emmerdale?

9 June 2022, 13:33

Moses made his Emmerdale debut in 2015
Moses made his Emmerdale debut in 2015. Picture: ITV

How old is Moses Dingle and who is his dad? Here’ what we know about the young Emmerdale character…

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Emmerdale fans will know Moses Dingle as Charity’s son who she gave birth to in prison.

Charity went into labour whilst her daughter Debbie Dingle was visiting her in prison and she was rushed to hospital to deliver her baby boy.

She hoped it would reduce her prison sentence, but it didn't, so she signed the parental rights over to Debbie.

When he moved into Mulberry Cottage, the Dingles decided to call him the biblical name Moses and he was christened in 2015, with Chas and Sam Dingle as his godparents.

Moses has been in Emmerdale since 2015
Moses has been in Emmerdale since 2015. Picture: ITV

But who is Moses’ dad? Here’s what we know…

Who is Moses’ dad in Emmerdale?

Ross Barton is the dad of Moses, which came as a shock to the Dingles as Debbie had been cheating on her fiancé Pete with his brother Ross.

He was born on June 11 2015, meaning he is almost seven-years-old and is played by actor Arthur Cockroft.

Moses has three older half-siblings; Debbie, Ryan and Noah, while Charity also legally adopted Vanessa Woodfield’s son, Johnny.

Ross Barton is the father of Moses in Emmerdale
Ross Barton is the father of Moses in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Where is Ross Barton now?

Back in 2018, Ross, his girlfriend Rebecca and her son Seb moved to Liverpool.

The pair decided to leave Emmerdale for a fresh start after Ross was offered a job in Liverpool and originally planned to bring Moses with them.

Charity stopped him from doing so after Ryan Stocks told her about Ross' drug use.

After Ross begged Charity not to cut him out of his son's life, Charity agreed to let him contact Moses whenever he wanted to as long as he didn’t try and get full custody.

While Ross hasn’t been seen in Emmerdale since 2018, Charity has mentioned taking Moses to his dad’s or Ross coming to collect their son.