Who played Emily Kirk in Emmerdale and where is she now?

12 May 2021, 11:47

Kate McGregor played Emily Kirk in Emmerdale
Kate McGregor played Emily Kirk in Emmerdale. Picture: PA Images/Shutterstock

Who is the actress who played Emily Wylie in Emmerdale? Here's what you need to know about Kate McGregor.

Emily Kirk first made her Emmerdale debut back in 1999 and was part of some major storylines before she left in 2007.

Played by actress Kate McGregor, the character married Butch Dingle, before wedding Paddy Kirk, who was the ex-husband of Butch’s cousin Mandy Dingle.

But who is Emily Kirk and what happened to her?

What happened to Emily Kirk in Emmerdale?

Emily Wylie got a job working with Viv Hope in the Post Office when she first arrived, where she first got to know the rest of the villagers.

Kate McGregor left Emmerdale in 2007
Kate McGregor left Emmerdale in 2007. Picture: Shutterstock

She went on to strike up a romance with Butch Dingle, before he suffered fatal injuries in a bus crash.

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While in hospital, Butch proposed and the pair got married just before he passed away.

Emily then fell in love with Paddy and went on to adopt Debbie Jones before it was revealed she was actually the daughter of Cain Dingle and Charity Dingle.

Her other storylines include looking after Debbie Dingle’s baby Sarah, before returning her to dad Andy Sugden.

The character then became a vicar before leaving the Dales to start a new life in Manchester.

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She briefly returned in 2008 for the civil partnership ceremony of Paul Lambert and Jonny Foster.

Where is Kate McGregor now?

Kate McGregor left Emmerdale after becoming a mum, saying at the time: "I've had an amazing eight years on the show but feel the time is right to try something new.

"I will miss everyone at Emmerdale desperately but I'm really excited about what the future holds."

Kate has stepped away from the spotlight, and after appearing in a theatre production called The Flint Street Nativity, she doesn’t seem to have acted since.

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