What happened on Love Island last night? Season 5, episode 19, recap

25 June 2019, 09:39

Yewande was sent home in last night's episode
Yewande was sent home in last night's episode. Picture: ITV

The fallout from Maura and Tom's argument and one islander was dumped from the villa: catch up on Love Island here.

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get more dramatic than *that* Maura Higgins and Tom Walker ruckus, last night's episode threw in a shock recoupling and dumping into the mix.

Last night's episode began just after Maura overheard Tom say he'll find out if she's 'all mouth' in the hideaway.

Tom told Maura: “I feel like that was a miscommunication", who then replied: “What do you mean miscommunication? You said what you said!”

Tom was left speechless and looked unclear how best to approach the situation.

Maura then said: “Are you saying you didn’t say that?”

Tom repeatedly tried (and failed) to deny that he said it, and Molly-Mae interrupted with: “Tom, just give her some space.”

After Tom left, Maura told the girs: “I’m not going to let anyone talk about me like a piece of garbage. He’s trying to be a lad out there in front of all the boys. I don’t want a lad, I want a gentleman. Someone who is going to talk about me with a bit of respect.”

Molly-Mae then said: “He’s going to be absolutely kicking himself.”

Tom explained the situation to the boys, and Anton went to go and speak to Maura.

He told her: “I think you’ve got the wrong end of that chat", and Maura replied" “No, I didn’t. He’s trying to be a lad. A real man wouldn’t speak about a woman, the way he spoke about me down there.”

In the end, Tom apologised, and Maura and Tom ended up coupling up.

Elsewhere, the love triangle between Danny Williams, Arabella Chi and Yewande Biala heated up - made worse when Maura received a text saying there would be a recoupling.

Yewande was set home last night
Yewande was set home last night. Picture: ITV

He said in the Beach Hut: “I’ve got to make a decision and I’m confused. I’m not fully sure what I need to do. Someone has to leave tonight. At the very least I have to disappoint one girl because they both want me to couple up with them.”

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The then told Michael: “If I pick Yewande and it goes back to how it is then I’ve only got myself to blame. I could be missing out something quite special with Arabella.”

There was a dramatic recoupling in last night's episode
There was a dramatic recoupling in last night's episode. Picture: ITV

Danny went last during the recoupling, and chose Arabella over Yewande - meaning that she was sent home from the villa.

Speaking in her official exit interview, Yewande said of her time in the villa: It was a rollercoaster of emotions, up and down. I learnt so much about myself. I made amazing friends and I wouldn’t change anything. The biggest thing I learnt about myself was that I can open up romantically and I can show a little bit of affection, which is something I struggled with in the past.

The new Love Island couples are as follows:

Tommy and Molly-Mae

Curtis and Amy

Michael and Amber

Tom and Maura

Jordan and Anna

Anton and Lucie

Danny and Arabella

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